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What Makes South Carolina BBQ Sauce Different Than Traditional BBQ Sauce?

  • Rebecca Carey
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South Carolina is famous for a lot of things. One of the things that really stands out, however, is its barbecue sauce. Unlike traditional barbecue sauce which is made with a ketchup or tomato base, South Carolina BBQ sauce is made using mustard. This gives it a tangy flavor that is absolutely delicious when combined with pork. In fact, pulled pork sandwiches made with mustard-based barbecue sauce are incredibly popular throughout the state.

To understand how this sauce came into being, you first have to understand a little bit more about the heritage of the area. A large swath in the middle of the state was settled by Germans. The German heritage of this part of the state led to the development of mustard-based barbecue sauce. The sauce has remained popular all the way up until today. In fact, you can find recipes for it online that range from simple to complex.

The sauce is made by combining mustard with vinegar and some type of sweetener. In most cases, the sweetener is either honey, brown sugar, or molasses. To give the sauce a little bit of kick, recipes usually call for a touch of hot sauce and some Worcestershire sauce. All of these ingredients get mixed together with a pinch of salt and pepper added for taste.

Most people find that the sauce tastes best with pork-based products, although it really can be used on anything. In essence, it works for pretty much any type of food that you would traditionally have mustard on. For instance, it is great on hot dogs and bratwurst. It also works well for pulled pork.

If you have never tried it, it is definitely worth giving it a shot. It is easy and inexpensive to make. You may be surprised by the tangy flavor that it gives your food. Try substituting it in recipes that call for traditional barbecue sauce for something a little bit different. You may be pleasantly surprised by just how good it tastes.

Oftentimes, the thing that people struggle with the most when they are trying to get used to South Carolina BBQ sauce is its yellow color. Once you get past that, however, you will be pleasantly surprised with its fresh, tangy taste. It can be a lot of fun to experiment with different kinds of barbecue sauce. This popular one from South Carolina is no exception.