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What Are The Best Places To Find Simpsonville SC News?

  • Rebecca Carey
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If you’ve just recently moved in from out of town, there are plenty of different places to turn if you’re on the lookout for Simpsonville SC news. Whether you want to know about school information, sports scores, the weather, or current events, there are plenty of ways to stay up to date with everything that’s been happening. To make sure you don’t miss out, check out some of these notable sources:

1 – The Greenville News

The Greenville News covers a little bit of everything that’s been going on in Greenville County, and that includes Simpsonville news as well! Through this service, you’ll be able to keep track of everything from day to day news stories to bigger official announcements from the government side of things. If you want to make sure you’re well versed in everything happening throughout the area, this is one of the best places to turn.

2 – The Simpsonville Sentinel

The Simpsonville Sentinel is a more traditional news specialty publication. Everything that’s been happening in the city as of late will be covered in full here. You might also catch bigger stories from the rest of the world as well. They even have a fantastic website that you can browse to your heart’s desire. If you like the idea of checking in whenever the mood strikes, this is a great choice.


WYFF4 is the NBC affiliate for Simpsonville. In between all of their daily syndicated and network programming, a number of traditional news updates are broadcast. You can hear about major current events, get useful weather reports, and even hear about the traffic each morning. There’s also a website if you don’t have time to sit down to catch the news on television.