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Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Tiny apartments corpus Christi that do not have lots of space in closet tend to be even smaller when you do not have a proper way of storing all the belongings while making sure that the size isn’t compromised at all. Storage should be maximized by best utilizing vertical spaces, hidden empty areas and multi-purpose furnishings.

Extra storage can be created in your living space by using multi-purpose furniture which offers storage space as well. Storage ottoman can serve the purpose of footrest, seat as well as space for stashing your spare blanket, remotes or magazines, etc. A bookcase can be added for having a place for setting speakers as well as displaying your reading materials and some decorative accents. The bookcase’s top can be used for placing table lamp right in the corner which would need floor lamp otherwise – this way, there won’t be any wasted floor space.

Next, you should move to the bedroom of your “apartments in corpus christi texas” and think about some additional storage. Plastic tubs that are designed specifically for the purpose of under-the-bed storage are a source of providing additional space for keeping your bed linens or off-season clothing if you don’t have space for putting them anywhere else. Increase the area underneath the bed with the help of risers placed underneath legs of your bed-frames as this will raise the height of the bed and you can use bed skirt for covering the space.

Adding storage bench would offer an area for sitting that you can use while putting on your shoes or socks, or you can also place it in some corner close to window for using it as temporary window seat. Inside of bench can add extra storage without consuming too much of floor space in your rental apartments bedrooms. Hooks can be added in some corner of bedroom or the doors of bedroom-closet for hanging your clothing, like your outfit for the next day or some lightweight jacket. In case if you cannot add some permanent hook, it is better to go for hook-styled system which hangs over your door’s top edge. Some hooks can be added to the exposed walls inside the closet to have additional space for hanging purposes. Sweater and shoe organizers which hang from the closet hooks can maximize the vertical space in the apartment making sure that closet floor is not too cluttered and you can be able to find your stuff easily whenever needed.

Small bathrooms of corpus Christi rental apartments would be too small for storing all the bathroom-related items you may have. Available space can be maximized by keeping your cleaning supplies beneath the sink, in case if there is some cabinet available. Alternately, add small cabinet which fits in between your sink and the wall so that you have a place for stashing your supplies, toiletries and towels. Baskets can be used for storing some spare hand towels and washcloths or any small toiletries. Trays present inside the drawers will make things easier when it comes to finding makeup or any other small personal-care items.