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Space Saving Ideas for Your Small Apartments

  • Rebecca Carey
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As the possessions keep on increasing, people start becoming overly creative in storing and organizing their stuff in small rental apartments. One of the options to create extra space is reducing possessions, definitely. However, if that’s not a choice for you, you need be creative and think about some innovative ideas that can help you save considerable amount of space and keep your apartment clutter-free.

Start organizing your apartments in corpus Christi texas from kitchen. Maximize your cabinets and cupboards, particularly the deep ones. Baskets which can be pulled out and slide in should be installed for making sure that even deepest cupboards’ parts can be effectively put to use. Make use of stacking shelves in the tall cupboards as this will allow you to make use of entire height in the cupboards. Store pans and pots in the pot racks suspended to the ceiling for freeing up the cupboard space. Select pot racks which come with lids as they can be helpful in organizing lids. Install racks or hooks under the cupboards for storing glasses or cups. Appliances can be placed underneath the cabinets for opening up the counter space. Any big cooking utensils should be placed in the crock on counter rather than placing them inside the drawers.

As for your living space in apartment rentals, opt for furniture that comes with the storage options. End tables and coffee tables, for example, which come with drawers, the ottomans having hinged lids as well as entertainment centers which store all electronic components within themselves can be ideal space savers for your small apartments.

Now come to the bedroom. There can be different ideas that can be used for saving space in your personal space as well. Make use of storage boxes that go underneath the bed in order to store items like off-season clothing. Hooks can be used on walls for helping children in hanging up their clothes easily as well as keeping the bedrooms tidy. Invest in clothes hamper that can be collapsed and install it on back of door to ensure easy cleaning and consuming less space.

Wall space should be utilized properly from ceiling to floor with the help of high shelves used in the closets. Any stuff that is not used too frequently should be placed on highest shelves. Also install a couple of parallel rods in the closets for hanging clothes in order to double up the hanging capacity.

A cabinet should be installed over toilet in the bathroom to have added storage for toiletries and towels. Inside the storage cupboards, you should roll down towels rather than folding them up into rectangles or squares as rolled towels consume less space. Hooks should be placed on back of doors in bathroom for hanging the bathrobes. High shelf can be installed for storing any toiletries and soaps in the decorative baskets.

Implementing these ideas in your corpus Christi rentals will help you save considerable amount of space, especially when it is at premium.