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South Carolina Is A Popular Place To Visit, But Also To Move To

  • Rebecca Carey
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The state of South Carolina is not a physically large space. Tucked in between North Carolina and Georgia, it is one of the few states to only be bordered by two others. Those passing through on the interstates might not even have to stop for gas as they move north and south. However, for its small size, the state has a lot of heart and much to offer both visitors and prospective residents alike.

South Carolina is very much a Southern state in terms of culture, and this does not always reflect well on a national level. The persistence of flying the Confederate flag and the racially motivated Charleston shootings of Dylan Roof tend to be what puts the state in the media, but the isolated incidents don’t reveal the true nature of the state, which is overall an incredibly friendly place. Southern hospitality and friendliness are alive and well in the Palmetto state, and this is demonstrated robustly in the tourist industry.

The state has some of the best beaches on the Atlantic coast, and Myrtle Beach and surrounding towns and cities are the temporary home of millions of visitors every year who enjoy the vacationing amenities and climate. Charleston is the other tourist highlight on the coast, as it is home to huge trees, romantic points of interest, and quite a bit of fine dining. The colonial charm of the city remains intact, and the history of the area is captured with points of interest like Ft. Sumter, where the Civil War started, and Patriots Point, where the World War II aircraft carrier Yorktown joins other naval vessels as a floating museum.

The western end of the state has plenty to offer as well, as the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains continue their journey from north to south. Here, citizens of the central Piedmont region of the state can escape the summer humidity by getting up to higher elevations, enjoying the scenic roads, hiking, rafting, and other outdoor activities. The leaves changing color in the fall here are one of the prettiest seasonal spots in the world when the various hues are at their peak and most dramatic.

Cities like Greenville and Columbia are growing communities with robust labor bases and seeing many companies move in to do business here. Easy interstate access and the port of Charleston combine with airports and rail facilities to move goods up and down the Atlantic Seaboard.