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What Makes South Carolina BBQ Sauce Different Than Traditional BBQ Sauce?

South Carolina is famous for a lot of things. One of the things that really stands out, however, is its barbecue sauce. Unlike traditional barbecue sauce which is made with a ketchup or tomato base, South Carolina BBQ sauce is made using mustard. This gives it a tangy flavor that is absolutely delicious when combined with pork. In fact, pulled pork sandwiches made with mustard-based barbecue sauce are incredibly popular throughout the state.

To understand how this sauce came into being, you first have to understand a little bit more about the heritage of the area. A large swath in the middle of the state was settled by Germans. The German heritage of this part of the state led to the development of mustard-based barbecue sauce. The sauce has remained popular all the way up until today...

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South Carolina Is A Popular Place To Visit, But Also To Move To

The state of South Carolina is not a physically large space. Tucked in between North Carolina and Georgia, it is one of the few states to only be bordered by two others. Those passing through on the interstates might not even have to stop for gas as they move north and south. However, for its small size, the state has a lot of heart and much to offer both visitors and prospective residents alike.

South Carolina is very much a Southern state in terms of culture, and this does not always reflect well on a national level. The persistence of flying the Confederate flag and the racially motivated Charleston shootings of Dylan Roof tend to be what puts the state in the media, but the isolated incidents don’t reveal the true nature of the state, which is overall an incredibly friendly place...

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